Artist, Creativity Instructor

Tracy B. Brave

The desire to create is one of the

deepest yearnings of the human


                               Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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Tracy Buechler - youtube

My name is Tracy Buechler, aka Tracy B. Brave.  I am a Canadian contemporary mixed media artist, a workshop facilitator and a creativity catalyst.  When I began to invite women into my studio, to reflect on the creative process and make honest heart centered art, I was gifted with the opportunity to share my sacred space and the very personal journeys we all have in common.  Being drawn to art to express my own experiences I have discovered that a curiosity and a common yearning for all things creative and soulful drive us to alive our most inspired lives.  I make art everyday, I teach with a joy that brings beauty from sorrow, my spirit soars watching others light up connecting to their own creative practice, and I build communities.

As a creative director of a non for profit, I develop art programs.  When not in my studio making art, I am working at sharing the importance of art and culture with my community.  

I believe that being an artist is a calling, I am devoted to living mine and supporting other artists do the same.  I believe that everyone, at any time of life can experience the joy of creativity and build a life we love no matter what the circumstance.