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Community Creations

Please send in your photos of your

bird creations!

Sandy Lockhart


Martie G.

carla winter bird route 11.jpg
carla bird final.jpg
carla route 11.jpg

The above photo was the creating process & below are the finished pieces are art!!  Just Beautiful!!!

carla route 11 bird.jpg
carla route 11 bird 1.jpg
carla winter bird chicken route 11.jpg
amy age 15 r11 jan challenge.jpg
route 11 jan challenge Calla.jpg
Isabelle cc 2021 wix.jpg
Tia cc 2021 wix.jpg
Emberly cc 2021 wix.jpg
Jack 2021 cc wix.jpg
Archer cc 2021 wix.jpg
Kristen cc 2021 wix.jpg
Ryker cc 2021 wix.jpg
farrish cc 2021 wix.jpg
my chickadee.jpg


Sandy Lockhart

my cardinal.jpg

Thankyou to everyone sharing their projects from this

month challenge. 

You still have time

to add your art work!!

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